Community Outreach

At California Resources Corporation (CRC), our values of Character, Responsibility and Commitment direct how we conduct our business, contribute to our communities, support local economies, and interact daily with our stakeholders. CRC increases our energy security by reducing the State’s chronic dependence on imports and helps California retain the value created by local energy production. CRC is a key economic engine, supporting thousands of vendors, suppliers and jobs by investing nearly $2 billion annually into the State’s economy. As the largest producer on State lands, CRC provided approximately $400 million in revenues, taxes and fees for the State and local governments in 2015 alone.

Our goal is to grow in tandem with the State’s vibrant communities by providing ample, affordable and reliable energy that allows Californians to thrive. CRC’s Board of Directors has established three key principles that we apply through our Community Outreach and Health, Safety and Environmental Programs.

  • Safeguard people and the environment in the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities;
  • Engage proactively with neighbors, regulators and other stakeholders to serve as an active and supportive community partner;
  • Promote conservation of water, habitat and energy in all of our operations.