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Crude Oil

California Resources Corporation's (CRC) crude oil production is connected to California markets via our crude oil gathering pipelines which are used almost entirely for our production. We generally do not transport, refine or process the crude oil we produce and we sell almost all of our crude oil into the California refining markets. We believe these markets are among the most favorable in the U.S., since California imports a significant percentage of its crude oil requirements from outside the state, mostly from foreign locations.

Natural Gas Liquids

CRC’s production from oil and gas reservoirs typically includes oil, produced water, natural gas (methane), and natural gas liquids (NGLs) that include ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline. CRC processes NGLs through our processing plants, which facilitate access to third party delivery points near the Elk Hills Field.

Natural Gas

CRC is the largest natural gas producer in California, which imports approximately 90 percent of the natural gas consumed in the state. We sell our natural gas production in the state and use intrastate transportation contracts to facilitate delivery of our natural gas to customers.


CRC has a natural-gas-fired power plant, Elk Hills Power, located within the Elk Hills Field. The facility has operating capacity to produce approximately 550 megawatts (MW) of electricity which powers the Elk Hills Field and supplies excess power to the State’s power grid. Elk Hills also has a 46 MW cogeneration facility that provides steam and electricity to the Elk Hills Field and THUMS Long Beach Company operates a 45 MW power generating facility that provides electricity to the Wilmington Field.

For more information about CRC’s products, please contact:

Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids and Electricity
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Vice President, Gas and NGL Marketing
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Crude Oil
Diane Corbett
Vice President, Crude Marketing
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