California Resources Corporation (CRC) is an independent energy and carbon management company committed to energy transition. CRC has some of the lowest carbon intensity production in the US and we are focused on maximizing the value of our land, mineral and technical resources for decarbonization by developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) and other emissions reducing projects.

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To deliver long-term investment value by safely and responsibly developing our portfolio of low carbon intensity energy assets and reducing carbon emissions through our carbon management business to benefit our communities and the environment.

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To be the premier leader in the energy transition, providing locally produced low carbon intensity energy and sustainable carbon management solutions.

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  • Character: Acting with integrity and honor, without exception
  • Responsibility: California’s high standards for safety and environmental protection
  • Commitment: Respecting our neighbors and advancing community interests for ample, affordable and reliable energy


  • Launched California Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hub to create the California’s first full-scale DAC plus storage (DAC+S) network of regional DAC+S hubs.

  • In November 2021, adopted a 2045 Full-Scope Net Zero goal for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

  • Achieved “A-” grade for our 2022 CDP climate disclosure submittal, the highest score received by any oil and gas producer in the U.S.

  • Has applied for permits and kicked off the environmental review for two initial Carbon TerraVault carbon capture and storage projects in Kern County.

  • Formed a JV with Brookfield Renewable focused on CCS development opportunities; with an initial $500 million commitment to invest in CCS projects.

  • In April 2022, announced new and updated ESG goals on methane, freshwater usage, ethnic and gender diversity in leadership, community giving and executive pay.