NLC Energy Project

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Carbon TerraVault JV HoldCo, LLC (CTV JV) has entered into a storage-only carbon dioxide management agreement (CDMA) with NLC Energy (NLCE), a company that designs, builds, owns, and operates renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities that convert organic waste into useful commodities like clean energy, organic nutrients, clean water, organic liquid carbon dioxide, and dry ice, to sequester a minimum of 150,000 MTPA of carbon dioxide (CO2) at the CTV I reservoir at Elk Hills Field.

The CDMA expects NLCE will build a new waste-to-energy production facility at the proposed CTV Clean Energy Park at Elk Hills in Kern County, California. This new facility is expected to produce up to 7,000 million British thermal units (MMBtu) per day of RNG from biomass and other agricultural waste feedstock to provide decarbonized energy to other companies’ green technology facilities located at the park, and sell into the California market, further reducing the carbon intensity of the state’s hard-to-abate sectors.

For more information, read the CTV Third Quarter 2023 Update press release and page 9 of the Third Quarter 2023 Results presentation.

Project Updates

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