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CalCapture is a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project that intends to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the Elk Hills Power Plant, a 550-megawatt (MW) natural gas, combined-cycle power plant, located in Kern County, California, and inject that CO2 deep underground for permanent sequestration in depleted underground reservoirs.

Through CRC’s CalCapture project, emissions from the Elk Hills Power Plant will be significantly reduced, further supporting California’s climate goals and the Paris Climate Accord. CalCapture is targeting to capture and permanently store 1.4 million metric tons of CO2 every year.

The International Energy Agency calls carbon capture “one of the only technology solutions that can significantly reduce emissions from...power generation and deliver the deep emissions reductions needed across key industrial processes..., all of which will remain vital building blocks of modern society.” Similarly, the California Energy Commission has previously identified the Elk Hills Field as “an optimal site for the safe and secure sequestration of CO2” and “one of the premier...sequestration sites in the U.S.”

Project Updates

CRC receives a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for a Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study to advance CO2 capture and storage at Elk Hills.

CRC conducts first Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study to build CalCapture CCS project.

Analyzes FEED study results for our CalCapture project [to capture over 1 million metric tons of CO2 per year].

CRC enters into an agreement with NEXT Carbon Solutions (NCS), a subsidiary of Next Decade Corporation, for a second FEED study for CalCapture to further explore the decarbonization of the Elk Hills power plant through the application of NCS’ proprietary post-combustion carbon capture processes. NCS will perform a FEED study for the post combustion capture and compression of up to 95% of the CO2 produced at the Elk Hills Power Plant.

Target completion date of NextDecade FEED study

Targeting to FID CalCapture in 1H24