Elk Hills Hydrogen Project

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In December 2022, CRC's Carbon TerraVault JV Holdco, LLC (CTV JV) entered into a Carbon Management Agreement (CDMA) with Lone Cypress Energy Services, LLC (Lone Cypress), an independent energy company focused on the development of low-carbon hydrogen generation facilities and energy infrastructure. Called the Elk Hills Hydrogen Project, the initial CDMA planned for CTV JV to sequester 100,000 metric tons (MT) of CO2 per annum at the CTV I reservoir from a newly constructed clean hydrogen plant at the proposed CTV Clean Energy Park at Elk Hills in Kern County, California. The plant is expected to produce 30 tons per day of clean hydrogen. In August 2023, the project expanded to an expected 205,000 MT per annum of permanent CO2 sequestration and the production of 65 tons per day of hydrogen. The project aims to be California’s first clean hydrogen facility.

For more information, read the original full press release and presentation (PDF), and the CTV Second Quarter 2023 Update press release about the project's expansion.

Project Updates

Lone Cypress CDMA announced.

More than doubled previously announced Elk Hills Hydrogen Project to an expected 205,000 MT per annum of associated CO2 that will be permanently sequestered at CTV I reservoir.