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CRC has entered into a Carbon Dioxide Management Agreement (CDMA) between Carbon TerraVault Holdings, LLC (CTV) and Grannus, LLC (Grannus), an independent clean-tech company that is building a portfolio of blue ammonia and hydrogen production facilities to supply the agriculture, mobility and marine fuel markets, to sequester 370,000 metric tons (MT) of CO2 per annum at CTV III from a new blue ammonia and hydrogen plant to be constructed in Northern California. Called the Grannus Blue Ammonia and Hydrogen Project, the project aims to be California’s first blue ammonia and hydrogen facility producing 150,000 MT per annum of blue ammonia and 10,000 MT per annum of blue hydrogen.

For more information, read the full press release and presentation (PDF).

What is blue hydrogen?

Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas and supported by carbon capture and storage.

What is blue ammonia?

Blue ammonia is a low-carbon fuel source made from a combination of nitrogen and blue hydrogen.

Project Updates

Grannus CDMA announced.