Environmental, Social and Governance

California Resources Corporation (CRC) serves Californians by safely producing ample, safe and reliable energy and actively promoting conservation of water, habitat and energy as a responsible steward of natural resources. CRC has some of the lowest carbon intensity production in the US and we are focused on maximizing the value of our land, mineral and technical resources for decarbonization by developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) and other emissions reducing projects. As CRC continues to make strides on our ESG strategy, we are proud of the progress we have made with our sustainability initiatives to date and are pleased to share our 2021 Sustainability Report (PDF).

ESG Goals

As CRC continues to make strides on our ESG strategy, we are proud to have recently announced updated and expanded Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals that build upon CRC’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, the company’s recent 2045 Full-Scope Net Zero Goal, and investment in low carbon initiatives that position CRC to lead the energy transition in California and beyond.

CRC’s ESG goals focus on providing low carbon intensity fuel today and net zero fuel for the future that meet or exceed California’s unparalleled sustainability standards – not only related to lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but also to decreasing methane emissions, reducing freshwater consumption, expanding leadership diversity, enhancing community engagement, and increasing accountability through linking executive compensation to ESG performance. Learn more on our ESG Goals page.

Shared California Values

CRC proudly shares and endorses the state’s commitment to conserve our natural resources, mitigate climate change and protect our environment. We design and maintain our facilities throughout the state with our neighbors, communities and the environment in mind. At CRC, our values of Character, Responsibility and Commitment direct how we conduct our business, contribute to our communities, support local economies, protect the environment, and interact daily with our stakeholders. CRC increases our energy security by reducing the state’s chronic dependence on imports and helps California retain the value created by local energy production. CRC is dedicated to helping our diverse communities across our state have a vibrant and sustainable future.

CRC and its joint ventures operate exclusively in California. All of our properties, facilities and investments are located in California; and all of our oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and electricity is produced in California. Working exclusively in California means that all of our operations are subject to California’s world-leading safety, labor, human rights and environmental standards and overseen by more than 20 federal and state agencies.

Key HSE and Sustainability Documents