Our Governance

California Resources Corporation (CRC) cultivates a corporate culture bound by high ethical standards. The senior management team and Board of Directors are committed to effective and ethical corporate governance, which we believe ultimately enhances stockholder value. CRC's board, including seven independent directors, regularly reviews the company's governance practices to ensure good business practices and a strong compliance program.

Executive Management

Board of Directors

Committee Composition

Corporate Policies

California Resources Corporation carries on a tradition of producing oil and gas in California that stretches back many decades. We have accepted an obligation to carry that tradition into the future in a way that makes us all proud of our company and our operations, focusing on our core values:

  • Character: We must make the right decisions in our business dealings every day, even when the right decisions lead us down the more difficult path.
  • Responsibility: We must be honest, transparent and fair in our dealings both inside and outside the company. We must treat one another with respect.
  • Commitment: We all must be committed to the success of our company and upholding our core values every day.