Ventura Basin

California Resources Corporation (CRC) operates and develops 27 fields in the Ventura Basin consisting of primary conventional, improved oil recovery, enhanced oil recovery and unconventional project types. We currently hold 225,000 net mineral acres in the basin, 81 percent of which we hold in fee.

The Ventura Basin contains a Cretaceous-age to Pleistocene-age, mostly marine, sedimentary section in a major fold and thrust belt that began developing during the late Pliocene. The basin is the onshore part of the main structural feature and its offshore extension is the modern Santa Barbara Basin. The entire sedimentary section is productive at various locations, and most reservoirs are sandstones with favorable porosity and permeability. In general, most traps are anticlinal, with significant stratigraphic trapping. The Ventura Basin contains multiple stacked formations throughout its depths, and we believe that it provides an appealing inventory of existing field re-development opportunities, as well as new exploration potential.